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What is the nature of competition? Are people more collaborative or competitive?

Overall, jumpers expressed very similar competition experiences, while breakers had some differences amongst their responses. All the jumpers explained that while people want to do well in competition, competitors are always friendly and welcoming. Nick explains that behind the stage he sees people who compete against each other cheering each other on, giving advice, and sharing new skills. Competitions are something to look forward to, as they create a positive community in which jumpers can learn new things, meet new people, and celebrate the sport. Some breakers shared similar experiences; Eric and Noah explained that competitions were inspiring and motivating, as they were a celebration of a rich culture and history. However, Rokafella and Heat Rock shared different experiences. Rokafella explained that it is hard to establish yourself as a breaker and the situation is stressful. People are also very territorial over their moves, making it hard to learn from others. Similarly, Heat Rock explained that “the best way you can describe a competition is like Hollywood.” People often took advantage of him, using his name to spark their career and then attempted to destroy his reputation when they didn't need him anymore. They both explained that although the competitions had the dance and culture that they loved so much, they were incredibly cutthroat and you had to be careful.

Nature of Competitions: Publications
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