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This project would not have been successful without the help of numerous people. I would like to give a special thanks to those below.

In Loving Memory of Billy Jackson

A beloved mentor, coach, and friend who opened my world to so many beautiful things in the sport of jump rope and who offered unlimited support throughout my career.

Dan Leslie Bowden Fellowship Committee, Ransom Everglades School, and Mr. Jeffrey Miller

For supporting my application and providing guidance and funding throughout my project.

Dr. Matthew Helmers and Dr. John King

For giving me endless advice, guidance, and time to discuss my project.

Yvonne Moody

For introducing me to the sport and being my supportive head coach and mentor throughout my jump rope career.

Beth Boone, Martha Diaz, and Natalie Schere

For giving me advice and information while my project was still at its foundations.

Ana "Rokafella" Garcia

For helping me organize my workshop in the Bronx and supporting my project throughout its entire journey.

The Mind Builders Creative Art Center and Madaha Kinsey-Lamb

For giving me the studio space necessary during my workshop and taking great care of my fellow jumpers and breakers.

Alex Costa and Dylan Plummer

For joining me during the workshop and bringing the skills and knowledge necessary to make our exchange successful.

All the interviewees and workshop attendees

Workshop Attendees: Noah Catala, Ana Garcia, Ivan Cofield, Kwikstep, Ze Motion, Alex Costa, Dylan Plummer
Interviewees: Noah Catala, Ana Garcia, Ivan Cofield, Eric Nishimoto, Nick and Kaylee Woodard, Yana Belonoschenko, L.J. LaVecchia
This project could not have been done without your knowledge and time.

Acknowledgements: CV
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