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Where do you see your sport going in the future? Is that where you want it to go?

Each interviewee brought up the Olympics; breaking will have its Olympic debut in 2028 and some jumpers are fighting hard to bring it to the Olympic level. Some supported this idea while others feared the outcomes of it. LJ, Kaylee, and Rokafella explained that bringing their sport to the Olympics has been a dream of theirs forever. It would give their sport the exposure it deserves, it would help unify the sport, and people would be able to make more of a living off of it. Contrastingly, Yana and Heat Rock were skeptical about bringing their sport onto the large stage. Yana fears that jump rope would lose its friendly and tight-knit community as competitions for publicity and money arise. She also worries that a more strict rule book would prohibit the vast creativity the sport holds and turn the routines into the same for everyone. Similarly, Heat Rock fears that the Olympics will take away from the true culture through their strict rule book: “Hip hop is about individuality and the Olympics will take away from that.”

Future of the Sports: CV
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