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How were you introduced to your sport?

Overall, interviewees described their entrance into their sport as something that happened naturally – they were never intentionally put into a breaking or double dutch class. However, there is a clear difference in means in which jumpers and breakers entered their sports. Each jumper explained that they saw jump rope at their school. LJ explained that he watched his elementary school’s Jump Rope for Heart club perform and immediately joined. Similarly, Kaylee and Yana saw that their friends were part of the jump rope club at their schools and they wanted to join in on the fun. Unlike the jumpers who saw jump rope in a structured club, all the breakers were introduced to the sport through their culture. Heat Rock explained that “breaking was part of Black culture.” He saw it everywhere on TV and even in his home. Rokafella saw it over the place and just started to copy their moves until she developed her own style. Noah's mom was the owner of a dance company, and he grew up copying the dancers' moves until he developed his own skills.

Entrance Into the Sports: Publications
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